Bed and Breakfast or Timeshare: Why the B and B Should Win

If you love visiting Williamsburg during your vacations, you’re not alone. The area in and around this part of Virginia has so much to offer: History, beautiful scenery, rivers, amusement parks, beaches and even day trip options.

If you’re thinking of visiting here often, you may have thought of purchasing – or renting – a unit in one of the many timeshares available in the area.

We’d like you to rethink that notion and commit instead to staying in one of our many comfortable and welcoming bed and breakfasts.

Why should you stay in a Williamsburg bed and breakfast instead of a timeshare? Let us count the ways:

  1. You have to cook breakfast in a timeshare. At a bed and breakfast, someone else does all the cooking, baking, setting the table, clean up and so on. And the breakfasts tend to be out-of-this-world delicious.
  2. You’ll have to make your own bed in a timeshare. You’re on vacation. Why should you even want to clean up after yourself? In a bed and breakfast, not only will someone else make your bed (and provide clean sheets each night, if you like), but those sheets tend to be luxurious, and the comforters and pillows fluffy and downy.
  3. Timeshares often are crowded. You could end up chock-a-block next to some people who are noisy, rude, sloppy and who love to stay up until two in the morning playing loud music. Bed and breakfasts, in contrast, are peaceful, quiet and uncrowded. Most B and B’s are small, with three to 10 rooms. B and B guests tend to be kind, gentle and understanding. (They also go to sleep quickly because of the aforementioned comfy beds.)
  4. Speaking of neighbors, you may not ever see or talk to (although you may hear) your neighbors in a timeshare. But in a bed and breakfast, you can meet and speak with other guests at breakfast or in the B and B’s lobby or library as much – or as little – as you choose. Great conversations tend to happen over quiche, toast and marmalade.
  5. You’ll be more secure in a bed and breakfast. B and B’s tend to be located in residential areas. In addition, due to their small size and because they tend to be run by couples or families, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings will stay safe while you’re away from your room. Your car will be safely parked on a residential street or private lot, as well.
  6. It’s nicer to explore around your bed and breakfast. Timeshares may be located closer to tourist attractions, but they also tend to be surrounded by other timeshares and large hotels. With bed and breakfasts, a nice walk after breakfast or before heading to bed can take place along lovely residential streets.
  7. Lastly, timeshares are too much like hotels. Cookie-cutter, bland, the same as every other timeshare. Your room – as well as your experience – in a bed and breakfast is like no other.

We urge you to make your time in Williamsburg one you’ll never forget and you can take the right step in that direction by staying at a bed and breakfast.


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