Williamsburg Thanksgiving

thanksgiving-dinnerThere’s no holiday that makes people think “colonial” more than Thanksgiving – so Williamsburg is the perfect place to spend this holiday.

The buckled shoes, bonnets and breeches traditionally associated with the Pilgrims were very common attire – throughout the colonies. Massachusetts is the place that is most often associated with Thanksgiving, but it was at Berkeley Plantation near Williamsburg where Thanksgiving was first observed annually in the early 1600s. This fact was forgotten for hundreds of years until the record was found in the papers of President John Tyler. Virginia is working hard to reclaim that history and celebrates annually with the members of the local Chickahominy Indian tribe in early November.

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Colonial Williamsburg has a variety of events to celebrate Thanksgiving, but truly the Historic Area has a flavor of the holiday all year round. You can enjoy your own colonial feast at any of the CW taverns, and check the daily events for a variety of colonial activities.

Jamestown and Yorktown celebrate events called “Food and Feasts of Colonial Virginia” the weekend of Thanksgiving that will be enjoyable and savory for all. Demonstrations of how food was gathered from farms, and prepared in colonial kitchens will be educational, as well as learning about a typical soldier’s diet during the time.

There so much to see — You’ll want to come enjoy the food, the festivities and the history. The memories you’ll make will last all year and remind your family that we truly have much to be thankful for as Americans. The best place to celebrate Thanksgiving is in the Historic Triangle, and the best places to stay are with locals who can help you celebrate history, heritage and our nation’s true history!

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