Plan a Romantic Getaway in Williamsburg

Plan a trip to Williamsburg

romance_williamsburgIf you and your sweetheart are stressed with too much to do and not enough time in which to do it: the kids need constant shuttling from a soccer match to a basketball game, you’ve spent the last six out of eight weekends “catching up” from work, the downstairs needs a new paint job and the car needs an overhaul, you’ve promised your favorite local charity (again!) that you’ll head the fall fundraiser drive — then you need a romantic getaway in Williamsburg VA.

Just the two of you.

As when you two were a new couple, exploring each other’s interests and delighting in just being together.

Plan a romantic getaway in one of Williamsburg’s many wonderful bed and breakfast inns and you and your partner will leave it refreshed and rejuvenated with fond and romantic memories as you go back to face your busy “real” lives again.

Here are some tips to plan the perfect romantic getaway in Williamsburg:

bb5You’ll need to pick a date of course. Try not to plan too far ahead — you could find yourself cancelling it in just a few days because well, if the date’s too far away you’ll treat it as unimportant and “something” more important is sure to come up.

Besides, spontaneity is a key to romance.

If you’ve children who are too young to stay home alone, you’ll need to find a sitter, of course. If your parents are happy to watch the little ones, lucky you! But if you’ve no family nearby, don’t despair, you needn’t hire an overnight sitter: you could make it fun for the kids and arrange for a sleepover for them at their best friend’s house for the weekend (and offer the parents to take their kids one weekend so that they could get away themselves!).

Get on your computer and research nearby inns and bed and breakfasts. Websites such as ours are a fantastic way to survey several bed and breakfasts in one place. Take a look around and we’re sure you’ll find a B and B that matches you and your sweetheart’s specifications, as well as the needs of your budget.

As you call around to make a reservation, be sure to ask the inn if it has any special getaway packages for couples. Many Williamsburg bed and breakfasts offer special treats for your sweetheart, such as a bottle of champagne chilling in your room when you arrive, or roses and chocolates lying in wait on your bed’s pillows.

Many Williamsburg Inns also offer rooms with large Jacuzzi bathtubs, down mattresses and comforters on king-sized beds, videos on demand on their in-room televisions, working fireplaces, and so on. Don’t be surprised if a Williamsburg bed and breakfast can offer all of the above!

bb2Ask around for romantic restaurant ideas. Almost all inn proprietors know where the best restaurants are in town and can recommend one or more to suit everyone’s romantic — and wallet — needs.

Finally, leave the cell phones and laptops at home. Give the sitter the bed and breakfast’s number and tell him to call only in case of dire emergency.

Unplug from the electronic world and plug in to the delight of each other’s company. Your cell phone and the Internet can wait; romance shouldn’t have to.

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