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weddings_sSome bride and grooms go for the big “statement” weddings. The lavish affairs with six or more bridesmaids and groomsmen, a seven-tiered cake, a horse-drawn carriage ride to the church, dinner for 200 hundred.

But other couples prefer something small. Something just for a few close friends and family. Something intimate.

But intimate doesn’t need to mean second-rate. Far from it. A small Williamsburg wedding in one of our bed and breakfasts can be one of the most sumptuous and romantic of nuptials. Truly something to brag to the grandkids about 40 or 50 years from now.

Whether you’re looking to say your vows in the lobby of a Williamsburg bed and breakfast (picture a fireplace crackling in the background, the soft light of the fireplace and the candles making even those renewing vows for their 50th anniversary look like young lovers again!), or whether you wish to spend your first night as a married couple under the soft covers or a duck-down duvet while drinking champagne and feeding each other chocolates, there’s a bed and breakfast inn here in Williamsburg for you.

Several of Williamsburg’s inns also can accommodate your wedding party and guests for your wedding reception. They may not have room for dancing, but many of our inns have gorgeous gardens, cozy libraries as well as stately and gracious lobby areas that are perfect for so many facets of a couple’s marriage: the rehearsal dinner, the wedding day breakfast, the ceremony itself, the reception, and more.

mintsOur bed and breakfasts, in fact, are perfect places for friends and family to stay in the days before and after the ceremony. Several of the inns here can be rented in their entirety by a wedding party for several days. If you decide to book an entire inn and if you have your ceremony at the inn, there will be no need for you or your guests to ever leave! (Williamsburg is a popular honeymoon destination, too; why not get married and honeymoon in the same inn!?)

All of our Bed and Breakfasts have the ability to perform small 2 person ceremonies.

For a larger event, up to 50 persons at some Inns, please contact one of the following Williamsburg Bed and Breakfasts:

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Twenty-two bed and breakfast inns have come together to form the Williamsburg Bed and Breakfast Network. Whether you want to have your ceremony in one of our lobbies or gardens, whether you want to have a celebratory breakfast or your actual wedding reception, or whether you want one of our inns to cater your reception at a larger Williamsburg venue, you can rest assured that your wedding celebration – no matter how small it may be – will be the grand event it deserves to be in your heart and in your cherished memories.

Of course, there’s much to see and do in Williamsburg, a town of tree-lined streets and horse-drawn carriages, a community filled with history, culture, arts, theater, collegiate sports (thanks to the College of William and Mary), shopping, and recreational opportunities that will please everyone and anyone of any age or interest.

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