4 Reasons The College of William and Mary brings Visitors to Williamsburg

collegeThere’s a lot more to the area in and around Williamsburg than just Colonial Williamsburg, the many other historical sites in the region and Busch Gardens.

The College of William and Mary is a huge draw and worth a trip to Williamsburg just to enjoy all the great activities the College offers.

Here are four reasons to visit:

Family Weekend: Each year in the early fall the College invites friends and family members of current students to come experience a bit of what their offspring get to enjoy on campus. Here’s just a taste of some of the activities that take place during this three-day weekend:

a. Open classes for family members
b. Free admission to the Muscarelle Museum on campus
c. A golf tournament sponsored by the W&M Athletic Tribe Club, with proceeds benefit programs for student athletes.
d. Tours of the Sir Christopher Wren and President’s House
e. Canoeing or kayaking on Lake Matoaka
f. The chance to socialize with alumni, students and family members at a live concert.
g. The popular Harvest Moon Festival and Dinner
h. Presentations/lectures by William and Mary’s faculty members
i. A picnic lunch
j. Swing dancing
k. A chance to see the Tribe football team play
l. And much more!

Football and more: While football tends to be the largest draw (at least as far as athletics are concerned) at William and Mary, members of the College’s Tribe sports teams excel in field hockey, soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, track and field, swimming, ice hockey, and more. All home games are open to the public.

Homecoming Weekend: Ah, college in the fall. New classes and professors. Football games and tailgating parties. And…homecoming! Homecoming at the College of William & Mary melds the best of homecoming held at any school (a home football game, class reunions, etc.), with activities that are special to the Tribe alone:
a. Alumni who worked in food services will enjoy an Order of the White Jacket reception
b. A Friday Night Block Party
c. A Reunion Class Bell Ringing
d. Wrenstock (when alumni bands perform and a children’s carnival is held)
e. And more

Concerts, Speakers and Plays: As a small, liberal arts research institution of higher learning, William and Mary offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy fine concerts, plays, lectures by world-renowned speakers, and so on. Many of these performances are of professional caliber, but with ticket prices that are far exceptionally affordable, if not free.

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